My First Post – A Voice Project

This is my first post here on the Tech101 Consultative Blog. After a recent move to Japan, I’ve looked for ways to maintain some technology related connections back to the states. The first and foremost being a full-time VPN connection configured on my ASUS Router.

Next is looking into options for configuring and using a free Google Voice number I’ve had for some years now on a hardline at my home in Japan. I have some options here using hardware I already have, including my Proxmox VE Server to run a VoIP PBX inside a VM, one of several Raspberry Pi’s I have lying around to run the VoIP PBX, a Cisco SPA-2102 FXO\FXS Gateway to connect a hardline (yes, an old school cordless phone) for use by the IP PBX and GVoice Account.

There are lots of write-ups on the Web that seemingly indicate this is totally possible. I’m not going to reinvent the wheel here. Only document my experience with this project.

More to follow…